check it out! There’s a WordPress app for Windows Phone that is now available for free. It’s based on open source code and I’m using it to post this.
One warning – there is no spell check or autocompletion and that hurts a bit. But it’s a great start.
oh and let’s see how media attaches. Morfo Steve Jobs is my pic. And a hyperlink
Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Update: I can edit and moderate comments from here too. Kick ass!


  1. Um, what’s the name of the app? Ich searched for WordPress and Blogs in the Marketplace and I only found “Blog Client” and “BloghuB”, is it one of these you’re using?

  2. Just an FYI, new apps usually don’t come up in searches for 24-48 hours so it’s best to go straight to a category and sort by new. Had to do that with WordPress and one other new app last night.

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