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Engadget not at BUILD?

Camelot-monty-python-and-the-holy-grail-591549_800_441Like many of you, I’ve been perusing the news sites today looking for live blogs, streams, feeds, trickles, whatever I can find about the event.  One that usually covers it all rather heavily is Engadget.  I’m not seeing them mention a single thing about being at, covering, or giving any shits about the event.  I’m sure we’ll see some coverage of the event.  I can’t imagine that they can not cover something this big and still remain relevant.  Maybe they thought they were too cool to order tickets the day they went on sale and weren’t able to score seats.  If so, that’s what they get.  But it’s still kind of shocking for a major news outlet of the likes of Engadget to shun not just Windows Phone so outright but Windows and Microsoft as a whole.  Uncharacteristic at best, but their love for iThis, iThat, and whatever Now may have taken a complete hold on them to go along with their typical narcissism.  Whatever the reason, fear not.  Mobility Digest and crew will rescue you from AOL news sites and their condescending attitudes toward Microsoft/Windows Phone/Anything their not being paid to publish.  I’ve said it before and here it comes again, Engadget sucks.  It’s a big old Apple pie circle jerk.  I’m done with that place.

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