Just came across this game on YouTube. It’s pretty neat. You get 7 letters (one is locked but I presume based on the level of play there are more or less letters) but you need to spell that longest word you can with the letters you have to beat the clock. Spelling words that are longer or doing it faster adds more time to the clock. I don’t know anything else but here’s a short video and it looks pretty fun:


  1. I would definitely buy this the first day it was released on the marketplace. I personally love games like this to kill the 5 minute intervals when waiting for someone to come out of a store and other scenarios.

  2. Looks like fun game, and a perfect concept for phone entertainment. Too bad the designer didn’t just stick with the Metro look and feel, though; simple, solid-color tiles would look even better than the out-of-date buttonized graphics seen in the video.

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