They posted a new video over at and we’ve hooked you up by uploading it to YouTube. Take a look at this thing go. Pretty impressive. It’s fast, slick, easy to use but still has a lot going on. It fills my tech side while being easy to use. What do you think?


  1. […] MobilityDigest have uploaded this latest video from showing the latest builds of Windows Phone 7 running in the emulator and it is clearly much more attractive and “alive” feeling that previous demonstrations, showing that the OS is still currently in active development and gaining polish along the way. […]

  2. did anyone notice that in the video, the user opens up powerpoint (the attachment is a .ppts) and edits some text. does this mean powerpoint is no longer a viewer but an editor?

    that said, a ppts is a powerpoint show which i dont think you can edit…

  3. […] MobilityDigest zeigt in einem Video auf YouTube ein paar Möglichkeiten von Windows Phone 7: “Emails, Events und Schedule Integration”. Macht schon einen ganz ordentlichen Eindruck […]

  4. […] MobilityDigest опубликовал видео с демонстрацией возможностей хаба Office из свежей сборки Windows Phone 7. В ролике показываются различные сценарии использования смартфона, которые заинтересуют бизнес-пользователей: редактирование презентации, отправка e-mail с вложением, работа с календарем и графиком встреч. […]

  5. […] heeft 2 nieuwe video’s online gezet van Windows Phone 7 in actie. Op de eerste video zien we het gebruik van de mail client. De tweede video toont ons wat meer over Office […]

  6. Definitely improved, but still ugly as sin. I’ll take SenseUI over that any day. Well, they still have, what, five or six months? It still pains me to think of how cool WM could look if MS didn’t do all this wheel-reinventing by using the Zune base instead of previous WM base and building ontop of that.

  7. […] Windows Phone 7   VN:F [1.9.3_1094]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)MobilityDigest telah meng-upload ini video terbaru dari terbaru yang menunjukkan pembangun […]

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