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Duttys HD V1.8XTREME ROM Released for Touch HD – Jealousy Ensues

If you don’t know Duttythroy he’s a legend. So much so that XDA members have bought him phones just to urge him to write ROMs for their specific model. And what has he done lately? Well you know all of those software enhancements that we’ve seen with the release of Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2? Well he has a running ROM for the Touch HD with all of that software and the manila upgrades. Want to see it in some photos?:)

Almost all of the HTC applications have been upgraded and manila has been substantially upgraded including a full landscape version that works like it always should have. Here is a brief overview (from Dutty) as to what was added:

  • New calendar tab which makes life so much easier now which is so awesome also when activated when manila is in landscape mode.
  • New Contact card and Email setup also contributed by the new manila
  • Just tapping the time in the Home screen will bring you to a new world of setting up your Alarms and also check other time frequency in other parts of the world.
  • New Calculator which also expands with more features when activate in landscape mode, just brilliant.
  • New Phone Dialer which is just fxxking awesome in every aspect including conferencing call support and every calls with contact you can do so much more during a call etc.
  • There is also a lot of update applications which acquaints to around 90% of the ROM.
  • One of the main features which I like most is the new interface which will dazzled you with the daily operation of the phone which will be seen when you flashed and see.
  • New Notification process which now replaces large Title Bar which manages all your current notifications, alarm, appointments etc.
  • And of course this ROM support landscape mode which makes life for some much easier now, I have made a cab which you will just need to install and soft reset which will activate landscape for most apps in my ROM, including Manila, Phone , Programs and Settings etc.


    I don’t want to mention names but I do hope that the rest of XDA is watching this and is working on porting this to our Touch Pros and I hope the readers will thank all of those that are working on this with some coffee since they are giving our almost out of date Touch Pro’s a chance at a second life (they didn’t need to die so young!:)).

    And of course thanks again to Herg for the tip.