Going nuts with your fragmented laggy battery-guzzling Android phone with its cheap-ass softkeys waiting on the WP8 release? I got your back Jack! No, a bunch of Lumias did not fall off a truck, I’m talking “ported” WP8 softkeys you can flash on your rooted Android.

I’d say you’ll get the best of both worlds with this but you and I know damn well there ain’t nothing “best” about the world of Android versus WP — ain’t that right — except, arguably, its ability to sort of run WP8 softkeys better than anything on the market today.

All right, now I found this on XDA in the Galaxy Nexus forum – but who knows, maybe it will work on whichever of the thousands of crappy Androids that are out there that you bought for ten bucks, fragmenting the world’s pandas and force-closing its icecaps. If it looks kind of funky fragmented, maybe you can somehow unzip it and resize and defrag all the little .png files and get it just right and looking efficient yet chic. Wicked screenshot right here (warning, might need silverlight and sunglasses to see it).


The point I’m trying to make here is that Windows Phone’s UI is fantastic, really terrific stuff, and that Android is fantastically customizable. And, parenthetically, that my Android brethren have no shame but, further parenthetically, I suggest that this is a form of flattery. Good luck fellas, I admire your persistent loyalty and I actually am rooting for Windows Phone.

Doug Simmons


  1. Who are you? And what did you do with the real Doug Simmons?

    Nice find though Doug. But seriously I have a question for you Doug, and all other MD readers. Sold my HTC Titan in prep for the Lumia 920, thinking of trying either the One X or GSIII. Which one should I try on ATT for 29 days?

  2. Well, not having fiddled with or held either phone or even read their wikipedia pages or engadget reviews, based on what is my at-the-time retrospective favorite Nexus of the three I’ve used was the HTC, no question. It wasn’t as bright and fast and concave and thin but the thing seemed to have been made with polish and not haste.

    That said I’ve been told HTC has lost their way. And market cap.

    I understand that this One X comes with hot red headphones that are hip with today’s youths, so whether you listen to anything with them or not, they may help you blend and feel more secure in public places. So, the One X.

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