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WSJ: Windows Phone Update Is Not Massive

imageAll Things Digital (part of the Wall Street Journal) is reporting that the upcoming Windows Phone update will not be massive or an iPhone killer. It will add CDMA support and copy and paste, but they don’t indicate anything beside that. The reporter is Ina Fried who has had inside access to WP development in the past (even though she’s an iPhone user) and was given a dev device ahead of time to test among other things. She certainly has access to WP7 inside sources though and has proven this time and again. Of course, it’s all a question of what ‘massive’ means. No one is expecting multitasking with this update. We’re hearing the term ‘task switching’ instead. But if this update is CDMA, copy and paste, Bing turn-by-turn, task switching and tethering how would you rate it, cause I’m guessing that’s what we’re going to see.

So to be clear, two inside sources, one claiming it’s massive and one not…rumor v rumor. So we haven’t made much progress here in terms of facts…