Looks like Microsoft is about to close on another acquisition. This one is Yammer and the rumors are coming from Yammer employees who are reporting that within the company there’s a lot of noise about having been bought out by Microsoft.

If you don’t now about Yammer, it’s a social network geared for businesses. This helps people to share ideas, have conversations, collaborate content, etc. This actually makes sense for Microsoft as they can have a social network that’s built for enterprise and despite their perception, Microsoft is an enterprise company first.

As of February, Yammer’s valuation was $500m but the buy-out price is noted as being above that, maybe even $1b.

But before we go too far, this is all rumor and it’s gossip.

Oh and if you go to their site on a Windows phone you see that they list mobile apps there and show ‘Windows mobile’ so that means they already have the Microsoft mentality

via Business Insider