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Yammer employees talk about Microsoft buying Yammer

Looks like Microsoft is about to close on another acquisition. This one is Yammer and the rumors are coming from Yammer employees who are reporting that within the company there’s a lot of noise about having been bought out by Microsoft.

If you don’t now about Yammer, it’s a social network geared for businesses. This helps people to share ideas, have conversations, collaborate content, etc. This actually makes sense for Microsoft as they can have a social network that’s built for enterprise and despite their perception, Microsoft is an enterprise company first.

As of February, Yammer’s valuation was $500m but the buy-out price is noted as being above that, maybe even $1b.

But before we go too far, this is all rumor and it’s gossip.

Oh and if you go to their site on a Windows phone you see that they list mobile apps there and show ‘Windows mobile’ so that means they already have the Microsoft mentality

via Business Insider