The Universum Global survey found some interesting facts about college grads preferring the potential employer after graduating from one of the following fields, business, engineering, IT, natural sciences and liberal arts. Of course Google and Apple are darlings for most of the College Grads, but Microsoft outpaced Amazon and Facebook as preferred future employer. Surprisingly Microsoft was chosen by most of the IT grads over Apple. Now that’s interesting. Of course, liberal arts grads chose Facebook though. Source:


  1. Hmm, the 140s might kick a little more ass if I could get an automatic URL shorterner fired up.

    I had a dream last night, this one not involving stuff I can’t really tell my wife unless we’re having a fight I guess, I was attending some sort of lecture in which Eric Schmidt was speaking. I forgot what it was about, probably along the lines of what Larry Page said yesterday, and Schmidt wrapped it up saying the world needs more people with science and engineering degrees.

    Incidentally, Page may have said the very same thing, but in my dream it was Schmidt talking. Any thoughts, Freud?

  2. Well probably you were thinking about it in a while and you got that dream.

    :D. And I really like the idea of URL shortening. Big thumbsup there.

  3. I’m not sure how well people are paid at google, But I have been told they work a lot of long hours.

    One thing I have always said though is I feel sorry for their employees if/when they leave there.

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