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APP REVIEW: Quicktimer by Paul Kaufman

I had the pleasure of reviewing Quicktimer by Paul Kaufman.

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The developer, I have to say, has thought of everything to assist a new user to the app.  From when I first downloaded the app and opened it, I was greeted with a welcome style sign wanting to know if I would like to take a tour (see picture figure 1).  That really impressed me that the developer took the time to make sure the user is able to understand the app and the correct way of using it.

Figure 1

Well since this was my first time using the app, I decided to take the tour.  The layout and instructions on how to navigate, to me, was flawless (see picture figure 2 through 6).  The instructions was easy to follow as well as pictures to show what was being said.


Figure 2 through 6

Ok now I have the basic understanding of how the app works………Time to dive in and see how this app preforms.

I started out by randomly adding numbers to the timers and started them ( see picture figure 7 ).  The max time you can use is 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.  It also has preset times if you need something with a preset time that can be adjusted to meet your needs.  Meaning if you need a timer to time multiple things you can use the preset times ( which is adjustable ) or manually tap in your time as needed.  The other great benefit you have anywhere from 3 to 6 separate timers to multitask.

Also there is a stopwatch feature handy as well.  The stop watch feature is great if you are timing, lets say, a runner on laps.  It has a lap feature to show best lap records as well as over all time so the runner can make adjustments as needed ( see picture figure 8 ).


Figure 7 and 8

And finally, it did not dawn on me till later on using the timer and stop watch, that there is a small gear in the upper right hand corner.  As I found out the hard way, this is your settings function.  I kept looking at the three little dots at the bottom for settings ( see picture figure 9, 10 and 11 ) , like many other apps do, but I could never find it right away.  That took time for myself to get used to.  In the settings, this is were you can modify the preset timers, change the alarm tones, change from 3 timers to 6 timers, as well as email your timer/lap record to a friend.  Now in the settings there is a way to change the theme color but every time I try to modify the color nothing happens.  Maybe I am doing something wrong but to the best of my knowledge I followed the information provided.  I am hoping the developer will comment on this to help inform us more about the theme feature in more detail.   On alarm sounds, I would think it would be neat, if the developer can do this, would to be able to add customized alarms.  Say like the users favorite song, or maybe a recorded voice of the users voice.



Figure 9, 10, and 11

Overall, I give this Quicktimer App a 4.5 stars out of 5.  Everything works perfectly except I got confused on how to change the theme color and maybe adding customized alarms.  If those two items would be addressed I would give this app 5 out of 5.



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