Ooops. Under an agreement with the European Union, Microsoft is supposed to give users a choice of browsers. But with Windows 7 service pack 1, it seems they left it out. Which made the EU a little unhappy.


  1. this is so ridiculous! they need to stop the madness! esp when mac os is not required to do the same… and google’s half ass os doesn’t even have the ability to use another browser period!

    • Why they don’t have a similar suit brought against Apple & Google for that reason is beyond me.

  2. Hi gang, just tuning in from the comment feed I linked in the plaintext social icons widget. So, indignation and mentioning Google, let me guess something happened to Microsoft that did not happen to Google so you’re naturally ripping on Google, right? That is after all how you people operate.. always about Google no matter how unrelated.

    • The commies at EU/EC should know that Chrome has more installations than IE on Windows in the joke aka Europe.

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