Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I can’t seem to get rid of the Travel app. Back story. I don’t use, want or need to have the Travel app on my PCs or tablets. It’s one of the first things I remove when setting up a new machine. All was ok till earlier this week. Each time I delete it, the damn app reappears in the Windows Store app updates. I think this happened a few times in the past, but the app remained hidden out of view. What I don’t see won’t bother me. Now, it won’t go away. I delete it and then it comes back with the next batch of app updates. Sure I can be selective when updating apps, but why should I have to do that. Sometimes the list is long and I don’t need to scrutinize it.



I don’t want the app on my machines. End of story. Any questions?


  1. Man, would you guys cut Microsoft some slack already?

    They’ve been extremely aggressive in climbing out of their slump of drabness, and they’re beginning to develop the numbers to show for it. They are juggling quite a bit and with heavy emphasis on mobile but without letting it distract them from their blue chip operations, a recent example of several billion dollars worth of emphasis.

    Many would call, did call rather, that another instance of their doubling down on mobile, two failing companies’ mobile operations adding to each other by virtue of arithmetic means more failure not success but they did it anyway and, unlike Google, not with direct aim at patents, I think.

    And you’re breaking their balls over what, some travel app? And “Yo” in the title? Jim haven’t you outgrown that word, even for satirical purposes? Murani, no, this is not “seriously messed up,” at worst it is a minor irritant to you and Jim. Just like Google removing the Wikipedia layer from Google Maps is not evil. We throw language like that around way too much, and I think there is such a thing as excessive and incessant hyperbole in tech blogging. I think it leads to lingual inflation. Suddenly everything’s a serious, evil mess-up, including some travel app.

    Microsoft is due some credit. Give it to them; and while you’re at it, give them a pass on the travel app, and if it persists please don’t start calling it something like travel app-gate because, really, how could you compare what to Watergate with a straight face?

  2. Since we are talking about marketplace and apps…
    Why can I not see a list of “My Apps” while in the market?
    When I login on another machine, with my account, I want to see the list of all of my apps so I can install the ones I want on another machine, without searching for them.
    Or am I missing something?

  3. I think you are JR. When you open the store, swipe down (or right click) to see the option to see your downloaded apps not currently loaded on the current machine. I am not in front of a Win 8 machine right now, but I think there are also options to see currently installed apps. I have my apps loaded on five machines, and different subsets on each machine based on use and needs. They are sorted by most recently installed. So if I download two apps at work today, when I get home they will be first on the list if I choose to add to my tablets. My only bitch is I wish there were a way to “hide” apps I never want to see again, or free versions I replaced with paid versions. I have about 50 apps on that ” downloaded screen”, and only about 10 are relevant.

  4. I equate the Travel app to pre-installed crapware, and we all know how much we don’t like that stuff on our phones. When I get a new phone from AT&T and it’s loaded with 6 of their apps, I tap/hold/delete and never see it again. Should be the same for Travel, and any other Win 8 app. If I want it back I can find it in the store, or in my not yet downloaded apps list as explained above. Down with crapware on ALL platforms.

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