So yesterday we started talking about how Microsoft renamed the Bing Apps to MSN:


RAM = “Why Microsoft always struggle to name or brandies its apps and services? Why can’t they just keep the name Bing Apps instead of renaming them to MSN Apps? I hate when it does. Saying MSN apps is totally mouthful, and sounds old school. And Bing Apps, sounds afresh and easy on tongue. They have cool brands such as Windows, Xbox, Bing, Zune (they killed it, instead they should’ve kept it as a service for music and video), Office, .NET. They also have very bad names such as this MSN Apps, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Windows Media Player and so on. I think geeks and nerds can’t name the products properly while marketing guys (Apple) can do it easily.”

Simmons = “Agreed. Sounds like a mistake to me.” & Also, Kate and William are expecting again. ‘Atta girl.

Smith = “Love the new layout! Much cleaner and gets rid of that damn huge top ad and moves it down a bit. Chick-Fil-A founder owner died as well.”

This morning after a period of no discussion on this topic because of some other more pressing discussion regarding science and dinosaurs Simmons fires back with this interesting little tidbit which seemed to explain Microsoft’s motives rebranding the Apps:


To shed light on this, here’s what Google Trends has to say about bing searches vs msn over time, first worldwide, which shows declining popularity of MSN but not much popularity of Bing relative to MSN (except if it continues to head in the same direction), and a second chart of searches for the two from the United States in which Bing gets closer to MSN.

Surely this factored into their decision somehow. I don’t know…


United States:


I still like the name and branding of Bing better but clearly MSN has much better traction. I also really like the new MSN layout too. Hope it comes to the iPad soon. LOL


  1. Ok Walter, I not understanding your article. Are you comparing searches launched from Bing and MSN?( which should count as Bing since it’s the search engine for both). Or are you comparing searches for Bing and MSN? In which case, I’ve haven’t searched he’d for Bing in years. Not to mention if I use a Bing App how would that show up in Google Trends?

    I’m a Windows fan but all this back and forth is stupid and confusing

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