imageReally iFanboys? It’s just ignorance…at best. The Samsung developer PC handed out at Build today featured an Intel Core i5 CPU. Sound like any other device you may know? Yeah the Mac Book Air is also using an Intel Core i5. And it’s not a similar chip –it’s the same 2467M chip (see here and here).

Don’t let those facts hit you on the way out…


  1. Just goes to show you, that ignorance is a bliss!!! So determine to protect their “coveted” iDevices, that they rush to trash talk, than rather learn the facts. Poor iSheep, feel kind of bad for them. Oh well!!

  2. The MacBook Air (which I’m using right now) i5 uses the same processor.. Yes. But if you read the hands-on accounts of this new Win 7 / Win 8 ‘PC’ that has the same processor, the people using them say the fan has to be running almost the entire time at full tilt. I have never heard a fan running in my MBA, and it’s much thinner.

    @ Axel M
    Ignorance is bliss huh?

  3. Anyway, I think you missed the humor of this tweet.. I personally find it hilarious because I’ve had many microsoft based computers (my main PC is a HP Envy 17 which has this issue) which have to run the fan 100% of the time, and they go full tilt about 50-75% of the time just to keep from over heating..

    Wait, what’s that? Oh, the Envy 17 I have is ALSO i5 based? Weird…

  4. “I have never heard a fan running in my MBA, and it’s much thinner.”

    On what planet is the MBA thinner than this tablet?

    “But if you read the hands-on accounts of this new Win 7 / Win 8 ‘PC’”

    Well that’s just it. This is not a Windows 8 PC that any consumer will have access to. This is simply a developer preview. Developers need a powerful tablet so they can debug. But I’ll say this. If Microsoft’s idea of an iPad competitor looks like this tablet, then they deserve to fail. But I doubt that’s the case.

    “I have never heard a fan running in my MBA”

    Then you just aren’t listening, because as an owner I have most certainly heard the fan kick on at times.

  5. By the way, the MBA will also shut down one core and clock down under a heavy load, which in turn can make it painfully slow.

  6. Do you really expect anything more from an iFan? They’ve been making themselves look like idiots for years now.

  7. @Joe: Holy crap! I heard the fan.. it ran for about 10 seconds.. yay… it has a fan.

    Seriously, my other i5 laptop is much louder and runs the fan much longer under the same load..

    But based on other accounts on this ‘dev’ hardware (which is actually a Samsung Win7 product apparently) the fan is on nonstop and its super loud, which makes me wonder why they gave out x86 devices instead of trying to get people to embrace the ARM stuff…

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