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HTC Investing $300m in Beats – Say Wha?

News broke earlier today that HTC was making a major announcement tomorrow and AllThingsD has revealed that HTC is announcing an alliance with Beats Electronics. Those are the “Beats by Dre’ people that make some kick-ass headsets. Look, I get that HTC still needs to make a larger name for themselves as they’re still not as well known (outside of us nerds) as say Samsung or Nokia for example. I guess what I’m missing is how Beats really changes the game for them. I mean we’ve all seen those HP Beats commercials, right? A celebrity tells you they only use an HP to listen to their music or something. Not sure how many sales that actually leads to though. Yeah a mobile device and sound tech have strong ties but the reason the audio sounds like garbage on my phone is because I’m streaming it over Edge while walking through the streets of NYC. I get that people love their iPods and swear that they sound great and that whole Dolby thing must be so 2000.

Someone talk me down. I get the Beats headphones– solid stuff. Maybe it’s the HTC thing because the company is known for using low end camera hardware and cheaper memory and then they’re trying to sell me on high end audio at the same time and it’s not cutting it.

Anyway, we have the official press release now and apparently they started to work together in early 2011 so HTC with beats is coming this fall. So tell me, is Beats going to be a compelling reason for you to buy an HTC phone?