The battle lines are not quite what they used to be with the Apple iPhone and the Windows Mobile guys are they? We still have the die hard Windows Mobile fans, mainly because of the killer devices from HTC. I still wonder if Ballmer sent HTC a thank you card for keeping them in the Mobile Device business for solid 2 years when Windows Mobile should have been dead at a consumer level. Unfortunately, the once all Windows Mobile Team here at Mobility Digest has seen an Exodus from our once beloved devices of old to greener device pastures.

Currently, long time WinMo Guru and XDA Veteran Chris Leiter, who admittedly owns MANY different devices switched to the iPhone 4 as his daily driver. James Schneider, has also been a  long time MD Team member sporting the iPhone. Then of course you all are aware of Hardcore Windows Mobile Master, and owner of Doug Simmons has done a cannonball into the Android Kool-Aid. And things are really getting bad for us WinMo guys when Ramon “The General” Trotman, get’s an iPhone 4 and hasn’t thrown it off a New York Skyscraper yet! But you know you are an iPhone Fan boy when someone leaves you an image like this:

Have a great day everyone and enjoy mobility however you deem fit!


  1. Well if WP7 turns out to be a real threat then Apple is going to have to learn to be open to change or die. I think the honeymoon is over, or will be by the end of the year. My guess is Apple will allow things to develop at XDA while keeping a close eye on the activity. Hey, they might even learn a thing or two.

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