10% of America sues you.

So the deed is now going through.  Sorry Android guys but your days of having a monopoly on open platforms may soon be over, muwahahah!

Ok so it will probably never be a real open platform (but neither is the Android, so suck it!) but the prospect of the justice department forcing Apple and AT&T to open up the platforms to non-AppStore apps and alternate carriers does make the iPhone a little more tolerable (yes mine is still in one piece).

So now Steve-y Jobs is having a little dose of something we call consumer biteback.  God forbid Jobs in his “enlightened” state (I thought Buddhists were supposed to be more peaceful and treat other living organisms well) have to actually listen to us mere mortals (and maybe avoid parking his dang Mercedes in a handicapped parking spot; oh right, he does have that mental disorder), but heck, we’re the only reason he’s getting any money at all.

Now before you say this could be a bad thing because the less control Apple has over their devices, the less control they have over quality, you should go cut your wrists and move to the USSR to see how totalitarianism worked out for them, and then realize that Apple already screwed the pooch.  iOS4’s “multitasking” capability is a total pooch screw (EVERYTHING wants to background now instead of just exiting) and there’s a VERY healthy contingent of crap software in the App Store.  Opening the platform more just means that REAL developers don’t have to pay $100/year to have their apps published and can release them under open source licenses, versus right now being dominated by web “developers” who think they know how to program despite having been braindamaged beyond all hope by learning some dialect of BASIC (worse yet, Visual BASIC).

So Apple has already messed up the original intention of the App Store, to keep the quality of Apps high, now its coming out that Apple is full of a bunch of micromanaging idiots with less tolerance for competition than Microsoft.  Yeah I said it.

With as bad as things are, the only remaining direction to go is positive.  That said, a significant amount of entertainment is almost assured to ensue in the coming months as the class action progresses.


  1. I am laughing so hard I can not type. So Apple is being sued to be more like… Windows Mobile! And tasks that minimize instead of close! You know that if it was WM, you could just go to XDA and find a free app to let you close apps with a long close and minimize with a short one. And after some time, WM will incorporate that into the OS as a feature. Oh my god. This is so funny. After all the years of watching ads about “there is an app for that” when I have been doing it for years before on my WM phone, it sounds like folks are tired of a smooth stable OS with a long battery life and want the power of being able to add all sorts of unstable and battery hogging functionality. It is like the the man who marries a nun, and discovers that safe is great, but not nearly as much fun as the whore is. LOL

  2. And the irony is that Windows Phone 7 is trying to be more like iPhone (well sort of). Go figure. Too late to stop the WP7 train now, unless you want to wait till 2014 for the first release of WP7SC or Windows Phone 7 Second Coming.

  3. they just messed up with the 4th gen software. after my dad and sister got their new updated firmware for their 3gs phones, i (the iphone hater) had to show them that their phones were losing battery and lacking power because they had 15 different “apps” open at one time. even the “cool” “flashlight” app thought it was important enough to be put in the background instead of simply closing.. lol apple should have made devs put in a minimise option along with a close option and had the close actually close… haha. but no.. just push the magic button and its out of sight and out of mind haha

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