Turns out the HTC Surround does not have a “Street Date” in Best Buy’s inventory. Meaning, once the store receives the product, they can start selling it. My source told me that a shipment might come in on Friday so there is not a rushed shipment on Monday. Go bug the hell out of the Best Buy people on Friday and see if you can get your HTC Surround early.


  1. heading into a local Best Buy today to see if I can get lucky enough to get some hands-on with the Surround.

  2. Called the mobile dept at the local Best Buy. The guy said that they don’t know when they’ll receive the HTC Surround and he has no clue that it will be on sale starting November 8. Weird.

  3. Two of my local Best Buys have them in Stock but cannot release them until Monday. They are offering prepay ($50) as a way to hold them. The fifty is returned as a Best Buy gift card. I would have jumped on the offer but AT&T corporate has a HTC Surround on hold at one of their stores for me. Again, I can’t get it till Monday. I think tonight I’ll show up at closing and refuse to leave until I get my device, J/K.

    Someone please tell me why I should get a “Focus” instead of a “Surround”. Samsung made my washer and dryer, it’s OK. Is the Focus a better phone?

  4. @startyourengine- one thing we havent dont much talking about yet is how the ATT sales people and even the sales people at Best Buy have not been given a proper education on WP7.. anyone who reads the articles on this site probally have more knowledge about Windows Phone than the average sales man. I would like to add however, that some sales people actually take initiative and educate themselves without waiting for their employeer to give them a small lecture

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