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Angry Birds Space available for Windows 8….for $5

Wow Angry Birds Space is available in time for launch (x86 and ARM). Awesome! Wait, it’s $5? So if I had an iPad it would be $.99. To be fair the Mac App Store version is $5, but no one has a Mac so that’s just a made up price.

I have some mixed emotions here. The price strikes me as high because we’ve been trained to think that apps should be somewhere between free and $1. Windows 8 apps will cost more (since the minimum is $1.49) but also because Microsoft is trying to cultivate a store that moves to the top and doesn’t encourage bottom feeders. Of course, higher minimum prices can have the opposite effect, but time will tell.  But if we step back and you tell me that for $5 I can get a game that’s as time consuming as Angry Birds Space for $5 it seems like a simple purchase. I mean that’s a Frappuccino (or whatever the hell they’re selling) and a frap has about a five minute life span.

If I think about what I spend money on, I ‘m not offended by the price. It’s only when I think about the price of apps for phones that I second guess it. I want developers who spend hours of their time on these apps (and their time doesn’t end upon release) to be fairly compensated. Somewhere deep inside I’m entirely ok with the price and think overall this helps the ecosystem but I may be an outlier.

What do you think?