There are two competing buzzwords – fragmentation and integration. Fortunately, MS (finally recovering from those pesky anti-trust suits) is back into the world of integration. The Xbox and Windows Phone 7 integration got a bit of a boost today. Zune music is on its way to the Xbox (so it counts as one of the three PCs you can use Zune Pass on). Since Zune music is on WP7 we can expect that there will be integration between your account. At the same time, Xbox Kinect was made official. This is the hands free controls for Xbox which relies on cameras and mics to control everything, including Zune. One of the features of Kinect is the ability to do video calls with Live Messenger and they mentioned the ability to chat with Windows Phone 7 devices as well would be rolled out. So look at that – Zune and video chat across phone, PC and game console (tv) – three screens and a cloud. Well played.

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  1. Wow, every month brings yet another piece to the puzzle. I can get down with the video chat using multiple devices. Well played indeed.

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