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How Ugly Are The WP7 Leaked Devices?

Am I the only one who was disappointed to see the images of the WP7 devices that Engadget leaked?  There was a Palm Pre looking thing and something resembling the Nexus One with a keyboard. I thought we were going to see something that was a sleek box – not curved edges. I mean, the entire OS is based on sharp lines so putting heavy round edges on the device is like Apple making an iPhone that’s boxy…oh wait:) Anyway, the guy with a keyboard (the LG) seems to have enough room to put another phone in the dead space between the back and search keys. No idea what that’s about. And a 4 row keyboard? I’ll reserve judgment until I try it but I like the extra row with a dedicated number line. The Samsung, I think, is the better looking device, but again I’m shocked at how rounded it is. It seems intentionally exaggerated. Also, notice that the USB charging is at top and there are no port at the bottom. That’s interesting…not sure what to make of it yet. And is that the 3.5mm jack on the side at the bottom? I can’t tell but that would make no sense so I hope I’m just seeing a shadow from the camera button.


Oh and every notice that whoever leaked these leaked both? Same white desk, notepad and keyboard on their desk. Meaning that it’s likely either an AT&T or MS employee since who else would have both devices?

Of course, the HTC Schubert/Mozart is also rounded so it’s likely that MS was dictating a look it wanted. What do you guys think? Shout out on anything – conspiracy theories welcomed.