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11 Days to Windows 8: Are you ready?


Yeah, I know. A question mark in the title. But it’s a real question. Are you looking forward to Windows 8? Do you have plans to replace and/or update your devices? What about work machines? Any chatter going on about Windows 8 around the water cooler yet?

I have been a Windows XP guy for so long I almost can’t remember what 95 and ME looked like (or maybe I am just trying to block it). Got a new desktop on order with Win8 pre-installed, my Fujitsu Notebook will get the update on the 26th or 27th, depending on how hard the Microsoft servers get hit. Will do the same with my Office workstation. And I have just about convinced our CEO to upgrade all 18 of our XP machines (identical HP/Compaq Pentium 4-3Ghz) over the next month. Oh, and I will be in line for a Surface RT at my local Microsoft Store on the 26th. So I will be a Windows 8ter by October 29th. Truth be told, I still have an old MPC Laptop (also a 2004 model) running XP, but I only turn that on about once a month to retrieve a piece of information, so that doesn’t really count, does it?

When I killed my desktop last week I didn’t have a complete backup. That was just dumb, lazy me. I had a batch file linked to the desktop and with a single click everything would have been copied to my LaCie External Drive. Oh well. Most everything was already copied to other machines, thumb drives, Sky Drive and my WP phones. I will have about six weeks of Quicken data to restore (last backup was 8/29/12) but otherwise, not so bad.

What about you. Are you planning to update or replace? If updating, what are you updating from; XP, Vista, 7? Same question if you are replacing. And if you are updating/upgrading/adding on, why? If not, why not? Or, is you plan to just sit back and watch to see how this whole Windows 8 thing goes down before making any decisions. If you are updating/replacing, do you have a backup/restore strategy? Depending on what you use a machine for, rebuilding could be a breeze, or a nightmare. Now would be a good time to start thinking about it. Better than watching that clock go tick, tick, tick for 11 more days.