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$12.99 mobile game hits Windows Phone Store

We’ve become trained that mobile apps should be in the sub-$5 range, but there are exceptions.

For example, Windows Phone users just got dropped a new strategy RPG, originally a PS2 title, Spectral Souls. It’s a whopping $12.99.

The look is very typical Japanese-style RPG, very Final Fantasy. It has some battle elements I haven’t seen: holding moves and chaining character attacks. The tutorial evidently is exhaustive and daunting.

Final Fantasy Tactics on iOS runs $15.99. I guess the question really is: How much will you pay for a game on a mobile platform that isn’t just a casual time-waster? As a full-blown platform title, I really don’t think that $13 is *that* bad.

There is, of course, a price: it’s big. 575megs. And since WP requires you to have 4x the load space (WTF?), you’re going to need 2Gs free to load this sucker.

Pic: wpcentral

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