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12 Essential Android Games

image MSNBC put together a list of what they call 12 essential Android games. Without ruining the whole thing for you, here’s brief recap of the list:

Speed Forge 3D (free) is a futuristic racing game. ToonWarz ($4) is a first person shooter. Robo Defense (free/$3 depending on the version) is a tower defense game. Bonsai Blast (free) looks just like Zuma. Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus ($3) is a 3D horror action puzzle crazy looking game. Buka (free/$2 depending) is a strategy/action game where you need to free asteroids. Abduction (free) is a jump jump game for kids. Gem Miner (Dig Deeper) ($2) is another action/strategy game to keep you busy. Kumpa (free) is a strategy/maze game which uses the accelerometer to move a ball through a board in order. Armored Strike (free/$4) is a strategy game reminiscent of Worms. Cestos (free) is a strategy game you can play online…looks nerdy:) UniWar ($5) is a StarCraft type online strategy game.

Of course, check out MSNBC for more pics and detail. Simple question for those Android fans. Did they get it right?

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