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2X Software today announced the release of its Linux-based 2X CloudClient operating system.

This is sort of mobility related, well actually it’s a lot of mobility related so it fits here just fine! And yes the picture you see here was actually grabbed from the 2X site as an example of their ‘thin clients’. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be cute play on words/pictures, but it’s not bad to look at either..  But the picture has nothing to do with the CloudClient Operating system that they’re giving away, still though I couldn’t resist posting it along with the article.. Anyway, right now you can get, for free the Linux based 2X CloudClient Operating system that goes directly onto a USB stick which allows you basically to have instant access to the ‘cloud’ and the apps available like Google Apps, MS Live and web browsers along with a lot of other things.. You can also install it is a CD, or even to your hard drive.. I’m interested, so I may have to go and grab it, it seems to me like it’s one of those instant-on operating systems. I have something similar on my Asus motherboard where I don’t have to boot into Windows, they call it’s Instant-On Linux, or Splashtop, from it I can check email, browse the web etc in a few seconds of turning my computer on. Read on to see the press release and how you can get it..

Its simplicity makes the 2X CCOS one of the world’s most user-friendly operating systems, allowing users access to applications, virtual desktops and the Internet from PCs, laptops and thin client devices. It converts PCs, notebooks, netbooks, thin clients and other devices into clients that instantly deliver web applications, virtual desktops and published applications directly to where they are needed. The 2X CCOS installs to USB devices, CDs, local hard drives and as a network boot OS via PXE boot.

“With the experience we have gained in the thin client OS market, we are proud to release the first hardware-independent cloud and VDI-focused OS,” explains Paul Gafa, 2X Software’s Chief Technology Officer.

Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software, added that “in the future, we are planning to replace the desktop-like user experience with easily predefined remote connections, much like television channels. This will make the 2X CCOS the fastest, simplest and most compatible way to connect to any VDI or cloud infrastructure.”

How does 2X CloudClient work:

Go to and instantly install your FREE personal 2X CloudClient operating system on a USB stick no larger than 512 MB. Your portable cloud client operating system can then be run from any computer that can boot from a USB device, allowing you to instantly connect to hosted virtual desktop, applications, like eg. Google Apps, Mirosoft HyperV or VMWare. It’s your own personal cloud client that you can carry in your pocket.

Alternatively you can burn the 2X CloudClient OS on a bootable CDRom or install it on a local HD and even run it as a Network Boot OS from you local network.


– Supports Web applications, such as Google Apps, Microsoft Live, Web browsers, and more.

– Includes virtual desktop and application clients, such as Microsoft RDP VMware View, Citrix XenApp and the 2X VirtualDesktopServer Client client.

– Installs and boots from any type of USB device, or from a CDROM and hard drive. – Converts standard PC’s, laptops, netbooks or thin clients to a cloud device.

Try To download the FREE 2X CloudClient OS today, please visit: 2X CloudClient OS Download. (

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