Seems like the HD2 might be getting an upgrade with a keyboard soon?  According to xmoo, who is known for dissecting ROMs,  he has spotted some registry keys in the latest HD2 ROMs that hint towards a slide out keyboard. Here are his relevant twitter posts.

@HTC LEO-S [HKLMSoftwareHTCHTCSensorGSensor] “KBDSlideOut_To_Stop_GSensor”=dword:00000001 “IsKBRotateBackPortrait”=dword:00000001

@HTC Leo-S should be a Leo with KEYBOARD (3.01.405.T1), normal @HTC HD2 will get upgrade 1.78.911.1 with OS 5.2.21905.5.0.93

I really hope this is true because this would make the HD2  my device of  choice for sure. I am not willing to make the move to a virtual keyboard unless I really need to which seems more than likely since most phones now are coming with virtual keyboards only.

[Xmoo’s Twitter]


  1. And as the current HD2 button layout does not meet the specs for a WP7 phone, what can this mean. An HD2 w/KB and 6.5.X? Now that would be something.

  2. Possibly…. but I am almost 100% sure someone on XDA will figure out how to remap the buttons and get WP7 onto a HD2. So i wont have a problem even if it does not get windows 7 officially.

  3. Many new Android phones have keyboards attached. And, from the looks of the Droid 2, they learned how to make pretty good keyboards as well.

    Though I think the standard should be the Fuze’s keyboard. Five rows, numpad number keys, and a top row of punctuation with plenty of function keys. And, unlike the Touch Pro 2, a properly located backspace button.

  4. Yeah, I have a touch pro 2 right now and I totally love the keyboard I love it more than the fuze because it is more spacious obviously since the phone is bigger and yeah android has some phones with a keyboard but I just have not seen one that i like yet. Hoping something along the lines of the HD2 or EVO with a 4.3 ish screen and physical keyboard would be a killer phone for me.

  5. Hopefully HTC is smart enough to rearrange the buttons so that they are compatible with a WP7 upgrade. They should be starting up on on WP7 hardware anyway. Seems like a really easy decision to me. This is if HTC hasn’t had this on the burner since before MWC 2010.

  6. Yeah, I haven’t seen much about WP7 hardware only saw some crappy LG but I am really waiting to see what the HTC devices will look like. I think there was some talk about the devices being named but I have not seen any pictures or prototypes.

  7. If they do come out with the HD2 and a keyboard, I will instantly make it my next upgrade.. that is if it is on at&t…

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