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3M Introduces Touch Pen for Mobile Communicators

Apparently the Stylus is making a comeback. I’ve got a couple capacitive ones actually and I like them for certain things on my tablets. My youngest son is 6 and he loves the stylus with the coloring apps I got, it just works better and it adds a more realistic fell to things I think. 3M has just introduced the Smart Pen which is a stylus really, but it’s telescopic and will run your $18.99.

The 3M Smart Pen, 300 Series is available in black and grey, has a telescoping handle for ease of use and a detachable lid that attaches to the speaker jack of a portable device. The pen has an ergonomic industrial design, giving it a natural, comfortable fit for both small and large hands. Activating with only a light touch, the pen’s unique anti-stiction properties let the pen glide smoothly across surfaces with greater precision than a finger and reduces fingerprints on the screen.

The 300 Series pen is available in the U.S. market through for $18.99. For more information on the 3M Smart Pen, visit