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5 Minute Posts About Something Cool Episode 7

Guess it’s that time again for yet another 5 Minute post about something cool. Today we’ve got a bit of super oldschool mobility news coming to us from the “Sad News regarding the WalMart Toys department” department for your reading pleasure (or rather disappointment) after the break.

5MinutePostsAs we’ve seen countless times before, it only takes a small amount of people to ruin a good thing for everyone. Even something as simple as the privilege of magnets can be revoked because little kids can’t figure out how to use them without killing themselves. In today’s fast paced industry, sometimes it’s easy to forget the mobility gadgets of the past, BuckyBalls. For those of you not familiar, “BuckyBalls” is basically a boxed set of magnetic marbles that can be made into interesting shapes (such as a square). Like everything else in the world that is small and made of magnets, inexperienced kids have found a way to ingest several of them and cause problems in their innards.


Thanks again to these little kids, the “CPSC” is trying to permanently ban the sales of the classic toy that was extremely popular before the cellphone era (and still continues to sell to this day). Some online retailers have already quit selling them, but for those of you who want to get your piece of the action before another American masterpiece is ruined by lobbyists, eBay sellers still have several sets available.

.:Albert Bunn