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Verizon LTE 4G Craziness

Verizon is showing off their LTE 4G service like a big private part in a locker room. My  email is stuffed with all the different ways the LTE service is being used. One of the coolest things I have heard so far is the OnStar collaboration. Its pretty intense.

These are a few things OnStar has done with the LTE service:

    • Vehicle monitoring. Cameras mounted throughout the interior and exterior of the car allow remote viewing of what is happening in and around your parked vehicle through a smartphone or PC.
    • Impact detection. The research vehicle has the ability to send live video to secure servers in the cloud from each of its six cameras placed around the exterior and interior of the vehicle. This is triggered by events around the car, or by an application on a smartphone. When an impact such as a parking lot fender-bender is detected, the vehicle transmits a video clip – helping to identify the offending driver.
    • Home monitoring and control. Keep an eye on your home by connecting to security cameras in real time through the 4Home service. Control the thermostat, lights and other home systems from your vehicle – “preset” scenes allow you to condition your home when you leave, before you return, or when you’re leaving for an extended period of time.
    • Electronic User’s Guide. Learn how to operate and maintain your vehicle through videos streamed on demand to the dashboard.
    • Video chat. Make a video call using Skype to connect with family, friends or colleagues when the vehicle is in park.
    • Traffic view. A voice-operated navigation system goes beyond calculating the best route by displaying live traffic-cam images from TrafficLand to spot congestion before you get stuck in a back-up.

I would love to own a car with a setup like this.