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7 Year Old Brings Monster Truck Racing Game to App Stores

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a 7 yr old designing an app. Yep, two brothers ages 7 and 6 designed a game, they drew what they wanted in a game and their father’s company went to work making the game come to life. Supposedly the kids weren’t happy with the racing games out there today and designed their own, the game is called Tires of Fury and it’s available now for iOS devices with Android and Windows coming later.


Jared, a 7 year old in Tampa, Florida, presented his father David with a few drawings that represented his vision of a new and unique flavor of monster truck racing game. Working closely with his son, David and his team spent over a year under his son’s direction using these drawings and ideas to build the newly released “Tires of Fury” game from Ignotus Games, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac OSX, with Android and Windows coming soon.

Apple seems to have liked the game, as they have placed it predominately on their first page of “New and Noteworthy” apps page.

A seasoned veteran of other racing games, Jared set out to design a game fun for everyone, insisting each Monster Truck have its own signature vehicle and track design. He spent hours sketching up vehicles, winding racetracks, and even an instruction manual. While many kids spend time drawing up their own visions of the “perfect” video game: very few have a dad who directs a video game development studio. He made his son’s vision a reality.

With these sketches in hand, the development team at Ignotus Games went to work. The result is “Tires of Fury,” their flagship release for Christmas, 2011.

According to David, the remarkable game follows Jared’s original vision of the game. “I’m really happy with how this game turned out,” David said. “We were able to transform Jared’s drawings and concepts into a truly unique and fun game.”

The multiplayer, cross-platform truck racing simulator is the latest game to come out of Ignotus Games, LLC. In the game, players pick their characters and vehicle, line up at the start and then the race begins through 12 unique environments: including deserts, swamps and cities. By winning, players earn tires, which are the currency of this game. Game players use them to upgrade their trucks abilities in acceleration, top speed and handling.

While multiplayer or multiplatform games are nothing new, games that are both are relatively rare. This is what makes “Tires of Fury” stand out from the pack and offer a way for friends and the whole family to get involved in the fun. The average game require that everyone view the action on a single screen, usually their television, dividing the screen into separate sections for each player. “Tires of Fury” gives each player their own personal screen, from their own perspective, to view the action. It is quite an experience to “drive your phone” in this intriguing offering from Ignotus Games, LLC.

The game is available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches; theApple Mac App Store for Mac OSX computers, and soon for Google Android phones and Microsoft Windows computers.

Ignotus Games, LLC is a software development company based in Tampa, Florida.

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