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720p hd wifi+cellular youtube app mod

No need to clarify that this is Android because Windows Phone hardware is, of course, capped at, among other things, 480p — which is not quite 720p but hey, no fragmentation, which is so much more awesome I’m sure.

Short on material for MobDig I popped in XDA’s Android dev/hacking and the fourth thing I spotted was someone’s modified Youtube app that lets you get 720p HD video either on wifi or if you want to see what happens if you whoop your quota’s ass, another version that lets you toggle up to HD over wifi and cellular plus a third that does the same but with a darker theme.

If that interests you, waltz your ass to the XDA thread. Took me eight minutes to install, and just one minute to spot the cool hack produced somehow by theos0o.

So what’s the takeaway here bro? Well, in addition to the mod itself for what’s left of our Android audience, a friendly reminder that Android gets and will always get the best hardware by a longshot (at least for phones) and, to some of of us, and about as importantly, though the two go in tandem, the most XDA love.

And Google love, being that it is a relevant platform.

Sorry, couldn’t resist…

Doug Simmons

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