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A Bunch of Windows Phone 7 Games and Updates

imageTwo choices here – fire off about ten posts or consolidate it into one. Yeah let’s just do one post so you can see what’s been missed in WP7dev in the last day or so. Let’s start off with an update to Krashlander that shows how the controls are going to work. For those who haven’t seen it yet, this game is likely going to be very successful and Brandon Watson even named it specifically as a game to watch. here, we get a sense as to the controls of the game and I’m really feeling it:

OK ski jumping isn’t your thing – how about zombies? A refresh of Zombie Epidemic was shown off this time showing more game play and levels (with goals) as well as zombie dogs!

OK let’s do a fresh game. This one is called DareNight and it’s a truth or dare app. But some of the options (like gender settings and the ability to turn off dude on dude dares) are classic. The features are noted as:

-Automatic inclusion of phone’s owner to save time.
-Keeps track of each player’s genders and adjusts Truths and Dares dynamically according to that information.
-Optional ramp up of Truths and Dares and increases the intensity over time.
-Ability to handle group oriented Truths and Dares with option to turn it off.

Lets stick with new stuff and this one comes from the Trine series who already has WM games. These go back to back in the video. The first is a hangman game but it’s graphically very well done. The features noted are:

It has great graphics and animations, has achievements (not Xbox Live yet…but we will try to get Microsoft in on it;), user selectable backgrounds (that automatically follows the light/dark settings on the phone), uses accent coloring of phone, “multitasks” in a smart way (you can play for some seconds/minute, pause do other things, come back next day, and the phone records only the actual time your playing, so you can set a new “highest score in first 5 minutes of game” even when playing 20 seconds a day).

It’s followed by a a lightning timer that’s just that. Tap when you see lighting then tap again when you hear thunder and it will calculate the distance of the lighting strike from you.

Alright let’s look at the MyChannel9 app from the same guy that recently showed off the Wall Street app (Sigurd Snorteland). This will show you the Channel9 content but there’s a really really big hidden gem here. The source code is going to be provided. Think about it. Channel9 is really just a Silverlight streaming site so there’s at least hope that other Silverlight sites can easily be turned into beautiful but simple WP7 apps…like the NFL’s site. Here it is in action:

OK and back to an update here’s a look at Air Hockey for WP7 (that goes along with Glow Air Hockey that’s essentially the same with a different look).

Next up is Doodle Ship. A pretty straightforward cartoony type game where you have to fly a spaceship through an asteroid belt and try to avoid some objects while getting others. Seems straightforward but so are a lot of games that get addictive so let’s see where this goes:

And let’s do another Twitter app – can’t get enough of those:)

And let’s wrap it in speculative world. MobileTechWorld spotted an icon for ScanSearch which is an augmented reality app on a leaked LG. Now this is really freaking cool software. I’m leaving it on the speculative side because we don’t know if this is going to come to the US or even under what terms the development is occurring (maybe an LG bundle only). Anyway, sick video of it on an iPhone:

No joke, there are a lot of apps/games that aren’t included in this post to avoid being too overwhelming but the levels of WP7 development are skyrocketing. Anyway, everyone like what they’re seeing?