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A Quick look at PocketX Software’s BUSINESS PRO

Business PRO increases your productivity and empowers your mobile experience.

Make your phone adapt to your work and life. With Business PRO your phone knows when you’re in a meeting, and that you have just begun presenting. It can automatically silence or route calls to voicemail until you’re finished. It can also change your ring volume based on your schedule: Louder when you’re driving home, Silent and straight to voicemail at night (letting only your family members call), and a nice quiet ring when you’re working at the office.


Business PRO features advanced Photo Caller ID technology. During an incoming call, you will easily see who is calling you before you choose to answer. With Business Photo Caller ID, Business PRO will show you the title and company of the caller as well as their name and number. It uses extra large text so you can easily see the information. The program also enables you to easily answer with Speakerphone enabled. If you wish to send the call to Voicemail, you can also automatically send the caller a quick pre-defined or custom SMS message, letting them know to call back later.

Are you getting an increasing number of irritating private calls on your mobile phone? Business PRO allows you to intelligently block unwanted callers with its advanced Call Filtering engine. It can filter contacts, groups and unknown/private callers. You can choose to automatically send unwanted callers to voicemail or completely hang-up on them (they just hear a ‘click’, without being routed to voicemail).

Advanced Phone Profiles let you take control – switch the phone to Loud, Quiet, Vibrate, Silent, enable the SMS Answering machine or enable Call Blocking with your finger. Group and customize Call Filtering, Ringtones, SMS Tones, Sound Volume and Bluetooth settings and use them manually or automatically.


Sending SMS text messages and Emails to groups of people is usually a complicated task on mobile phones. With Business PRO, Group SMS is simple. Simply create a group and easily send SMS and Email messages to many people at once.

Waiting for that important email? With VIP Email Notifications, Business PRO enables you to know right away that you’ve received an email from that important person.

Assigning Distinctive Ringtones, SMS Tones as well as Email Tones is simple with Business PRO. Always know who’s calling you based on the ringtone you assign. Always know who the SMS and Email message is from.

Business PRO will empower your mobile experience and will make your phone more useful than ever!

PocketX offers a 5 day fully functional demo/trial. View here for more info and downloads: