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A Solution To Sync Outlook With Windows Phone 7

There’s been some frustration out there that you can’t sync your Windows Phone directly with Outlook (unless you’re using exchange). You have to sync through Zune and it’s led to some frustrations, mostly due to people who can’t get things like photo contacts to sync with their shiny new devices. Well CompanionLink may have a solution. Well it’s really not their solution – it’s Google. They set your info into the Google world and then resync that with your phone. Man, it’s like Goog and MS just love and hate each other all day long. Here’s the press release

CompanionLink(R) Software announces two-way synchronization with all Windows(R) Phone 7 devices. Sync contacts, calendar, and tasks from Microsoft(R) Outlook(R), Outlook Business Contact Manager, Sage ACT!, IBM(R) Lotus Notes, Novell(R) GroupWise, or Palm(R) Desktop with the latest Windows Phone 7 devices, including Samsung(R) Focus(TM), HTC(R) Surround(TM), HTC HD7(TM), LG(R) Quantum(TM), and Dell(R) Venue Pro(TM).

CompanionLink offers Outlook sync with Windows Phone 7 via Google(R). CompanionLink syncs Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks with any Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account. Google then syncs with Windows Phone 7 devices using their Google Sync service. Changes made on the device will sync back to Google and then to the PC through CompanionLink.

CompanionLink’s sync solutions for Windows Phone 7 are available for a one-time cost starting at $39.95. A 14-day evaluation of the software is available at

At a minimum, you can test it out to get a good initial sync and then work from there. Anyway, MS needs to fix this so that they don’t need to be saved by third parties…and Google.