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A WP7 Workaround for Speech Recognition

It’s believed that WP7 will launch with some form of voice recognition. it’s been shown in videos if you press and hold the ‘search’ button but there’s no way for devs to hook into this and it’s yet to be confirmed by MS. The fellas at Clarity Consulting won’t be stopped though. They’ve provided source code for a novel workaround. Essentially, voice data goes into the mic, out to the web and then comes back as text. This is going both ways – speech to text and text to speech. Everything is done through the web though so for this solution you need to be connected. Also, WP7 works with sandboxes so you can’t tie this directly into Outlook for example unless MS permits it. But devs could use the source code throughout their own apps at least so that individual apps have speech recognition and that’s pretty cool in and of itself. I think it’s a brilliant work around and applaud these guys for pushing the limits. To take a read and download the code head on over to Clarity’s website.

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