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Schmidt: South Koreans Great Capitalists, iPhone Too Expensive, Microsoft Not Credible, etc

Q&A with Eric Schmidt hosted by WSJ’s AllThingsD, it’s long so here are the takeaways.

An audience member notes that Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson of Microsoft just accused Google of mobilizing to  squash Facebook Home, that he “’wouldn’t be shocked if Google were trying to block out Facebook Home right now,’ but what’s to keep you guys from removing it from removing the app from the store and having people sideload it instead?”

Schmidt cuts him off, “Why are you listening to Microsoft’s statements about Google? … So you’ve now constructed using Microsoft a scenario that’s highly unlikely, why don’t you ask Microsoft some basic questions about their products and their strategy? [Blocking Facebook Home] would be counter to our public statements, our policies, our religion – anything else? I want to make sure I’ve answered your question. The answer is no.”

Argh this is taking too long to transcribe, just watch the thing if you’d like, slow but interesting, also that way you can get a better read on Schmidt’s intonation and inflection to further understand his genius and pricelessly dry sense of humor: