Q&A with Eric Schmidt hosted by WSJ’s AllThingsD, it’s long so here are the takeaways.

An audience member notes that Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson of Microsoft just accused Google of mobilizing to  squash Facebook Home, that he “’wouldn’t be shocked if Google were trying to block out Facebook Home right now,’ but what’s to keep you guys from removing it from removing the app from the store and having people sideload it instead?”

Schmidt cuts him off, “Why are you listening to Microsoft’s statements about Google? … So you’ve now constructed using Microsoft a scenario that’s highly unlikely, why don’t you ask Microsoft some basic questions about their products and their strategy? [Blocking Facebook Home] would be counter to our public statements, our policies, our religion – anything else? I want to make sure I’ve answered your question. The answer is no.”

Argh this is taking too long to transcribe, just watch the thing if you’d like, slow but interesting, also that way you can get a better read on Schmidt’s intonation and inflection to further understand his genius and pricelessly dry sense of humor:


  1. Schmidt is a thief. And if thievery is considered as genius in your books, so be it. I don’t get involved in your sycophancy for that guy.

  2. And Google a credible company and Schmidt a credible guy? Biggest Jokes. While he sat at Apple board, passed the Business Insider info to Google, didn’t late SJ say claim that? Didn’t Google pay the fines for WiFi info stealing and bribed the governments to avoid monopoly cases? If you are pointing fingers at others, just remember 3 of your fingers pointing at you. Simmons you are full of it like Schmidt.

    • Schmidt is an altruist. While I’m impressed you know a big word like sycophant, my relationship with Schmidt is mainly imaginary, I have little to gain by going on and on about how uniquely yet myseriously divine his command of reason and humor is, along with other positive attributes I see in him, like his having aged well and still looking masculine.

      By “Business Insider” do you mean the news outfit Business Insider or are you just randomly capitalizing words like Smith does? When it became apparent that Schmidt’s being on Apple’s board presented too great a conflict of interest, the relationship ended mutually, according to Apple at least.

      As far as wifigate goes, seems to me like no one one was too badly bruised by that affair and that the rest of the world has sort of moved on (moved on with more accurate navigation and quicker GPS fixes thanks to those evil street view cars’ data about your passwords); regarding bribing governments, I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you mean paying lots of fines and lobbying, okay, but I don’t recall any incidents of brown paper bags and briefcases full o’ cash changing hands.

      In this Q&A, the for the first question, some guy in the audience stood up and said that some guy from Microsoft just said something completely ludicrous and obviously untrue. I don’t think even you would consider it likely that Google would “block” Facebook’s app. Schmidt implied that listening to Microsoft is a questionable activity as a joke, adding that he’d prefer to field questions relating to Google and not what the Microsoft guy said a minute ago.

      • Schmidt is altruist? Give me a break. I will believe you or him once he donates majority of his property. He is just a rich man lobbying politicians and make things work for him. AFAIK, he is jealous of Bill Gates and thats why he hates Microsoft.

      • Simmons one more thing. I think you have a very low standards when it comes to labeling your favorites as altruists. AFAIK, Mahatma Gandhi and MLK Jr. were altruists from the last century. Not even Mother Theresa can be considered as total altruist. Neither Bill Gates, who donated most of his properties for cause, nor Eric Schmidt, who happens to be a businessman with high level diplomatic/political connections come close to the level of Mother Theresa.

      • Okay Ram, philanthropist. Happy?

        Why would he be jealous of Bill Gates? He’s a rich businessman shrewdly pulling any string he can to get his way? Doesn’t he already sort of have his way, without a need to do anything? The antithesis of the likes of Gandhi and MLK? I say the man has spent some time trying to improve the world and not just to spray more advertising around it, and you feel like you’ve got to make sure it’s clear to me that he’s no Mother Theresa?

        Sounds to me like the only one in the picture who’s doing the hating is you. But I like how you can keep cranking up the absurdity dial past 11.

  3. When google has been around for 30+ years and still remained a multi billion dollar company that is actually doing/making relevant shit then they’ll be in a position to speak on someone else’s credibility in any regard.

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