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Resco Explorer 2010 Beta Available

I’m always happy to see one of the heavyweights coming out with an updated product and of course, I love betas cause you get to test things and have your input influence the final product. I’ve never used Resco Explorer so trying this beta was somewhat of a surprise for me – the thing flies. I mean it really flies relative to File Explorer or Total Commander and it’s a lot easier to use and easier to browse files. Some have complained that there aren’t enough new features and maybe some of this is just to get some of us to know more about the product in which case they’ve succeeded:) From Resco’s site:

What will be new or improved:

  • Thumbnails of pictures in Thumbnails view
  • Supported all the formats that Photo Viewer supports
  • If Photo Viewer is installed, working and displaying thumbnails is much quicker
  • Upload to social networks (twitter, facebook, picasa, flickr)
  • Fixed registry import/export
  • Favorites will be reachable from Menu
  • Send to (mainly via Bluetooth) will be improved
  • and other fixes…

If you try the beta you actually get Resco Explorer as well as Resco Registry (which lets yuo explore and tweak your registry with the finger friendly UI as Resco Explorer) and System Info (which simply tells you the program memory, storage memory, storage card registry and battery info but it is finger friendly and graphically pleasing). Remember that this is a beta so they are hoping you give some feedback. There are some known bugs, like in the newer builds he bottom of the screen is cut off because of he enlarged lower task bar. If you’re up for it the download can be found here and the XDA thread to post comments is here. You should know that this is an exe file that you run from your PC while your phone is connected over ActiveSync.