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Add A Program Quick Launch To Your Taskbar

If you’re using a newer 6.5.3 ROM then the top taskbar has probably become less functional for you. Yes, it typically launches the HTC notification screen (which you may not ever need with Max Manila and other apps) and it may also get you to a task manager or a file explorer/launcher (but depending on what app it is, it may not be finger friendly) so why not use the top taskbar as a quick launcher? With Taskbar Launcher when you tap the top taskbar it drops down a set of shortcuts so you can launch an app from there. Of course, you can set it up to include apps like a task manager, etc to duplicate what you’re otherwise giving up. You can see the preset applications are file explorer, camera, task manager and IE. And you can customize what’s in the launcher but to do that you need to play with an ini file (a text file essentially). Really that means either using an app like Total Commander or just transferring the app to your PC and opening it in Wordpad with it there but remember that you only need to change the ini file once and when you have it set up you’re good to go. And adding a new app to it is pretty simple. There are instructions on XDA but just follow the format of the preset app. You just need to provide the .exe location and a png file to use as an icon. I’ve tried the app and I like it a lot already. The download and XDA can be found here. Great work Rammann! Looking forward to the further development of this app