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Flash Crash

Seems like everyone is all excited for Flash on phones. I don’t get it personally. I mean, we have Skyfire, no? And do we really need Flash? That’s all for another day, but getting back to native Flash. Seems like Adobe was showing off what it had to offer on a Nexus One and here’s what was reported:

Here’s what happened: On his Mac, Ryan pulled up a site called Eco Zoo. It is, seemingly, a pretty intense example of Flash development — full of 3D rendering, rich interactions, and cute little characters. Then, he pulled up the same thing on his Nexus One. The site’s progress bar filled in and the 3D world appeared for a few seconds before the browser crashed. Ryan said (paraphrasing), “Whoops! Well, it’s beta, and this is an intense example — let’s try it again.” He tried it again and got the same result. So he said to the audience, “Well, this one isn’t going to work, but does anyone have a Flash site they’d like to see running?” Someone shouted out “Hulu.” Ryan said, “Hulu doesn’t work,” and then wrapped up his demo, telling people if they wanted to try more sites they could find him later and he’d let them play with his Nexus One.

Adobe should probably know their beta limitations before they do another demo that ends up like this…

via ZDNet