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All about album art in Kinoma Play

While playing your music, Kinoma Play displays your big, beautiful album art center-stage. But what if you find a track without album art?




This post is the definitive guide to all the places Kinoma Play looks for album art. Plus, it describes how you can add missing album art.

Where does Kinoma Play look for album art?

Kinoma Play automagically finds album art in all of these places:

  • Embedded album art — Kinoma Play looks for album art embedded right within the music file itself. This includes album art stored in MP3 ID3 metadata, WMA metadata, andM4A (iTunes) metadata.
  • External “folder.jpg” files — If there’s a file called “folder.jpg” in the same folder as the music file, that will be used as its album art. Usually, this file is marked as invisible.
  • Microsoft album art files — Windows Media Player has its own way of associating external album art. It embeds a unique ID into WMA and MP3 files that gets an associated album art file, which must be in the same folder. The files will look something like “AlbumArt_{62E1C2F9-9EF7-4983-AD18-F6216918CBDA}_Large.jpg”, with the ID in braces matching the ID of the corresponding music file. These album art files are also usually set to be invisible.
    How do I add missing album art?

All the music managers that we use provide a way to fix missing album art. Here are specific instructions for a few of them:

  • iTunes — Select tracks with missing album art, then choose Advanced > Get Album Artwork. (Tip: If you’re still not seeing the right artwork in Kinoma Play, you might have multiple album covers in your file. Choose Get Info for individual problem tracks, go to the Album tab, delete all album covers and try again.)
  • Windows Media Player — In Tools > Options, go to the Library tab and make sure “Retrieve additional information from the Internet” is checked. Then choose Tools > Apply media information changes to save album art and other metadata back to your music files.
  • Media Monkey — Select tracks with missing album art, then right-click and chooseAuto-Tag from Web. Use the pop-down menu at the top to choose the best album art, select the metadata you want to use (check “Cover” to update the album art), then select the tracks you want to update (check the top checkbox for all selected tracks).

With album art for all of your tracks, Kinoma Play can make your music look as good as it sounds!

Via: kinoma Blog