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All Eyes On Apple As iPhone Event Draws Close

Motorola, Nokia, Samsung have all had a chance for the spotlight over the last couple weeks, each with varying levels of coverage and success. Now the ball is firmly in Apple’s court to blow everyone away and stake their claim to being the best phone on the market. The anticipation is high, the sales projections are astronomical and the speculation on what surprises Apple has in store is palpable. Will Apple actually announce something that causes their competitors to spend the next 12 months scrambling to match or will devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 920 and Motorola Droid Razr HD have a viable claim at the crown?

It’s a foregone conclusion that Apple will be unveiling the latest model of the iPhone at its event on Wednesday the 12th. With near certainty it’ll be brandishing a 4-inch Widescreen Retina display, slightly thinner than the iPhone 4S and equipped with LTE. We’re sure to see Siri get the usual nod too. So is this enough to dispatch your daily responsibilities and wait in line or is there something else that you absolutely need to see included before trading in your iPhone 4S? What “one more thing” are you hoping to come with the finished version of iOS6?

Stay tuned to MobilityDigest as we’ll be covering the event, live blogs and giving our unique take on what Apple announces and what it means for the smartphone industry.

Image courtesy of iMore