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Does Anyone Really Care About Benchmark Testing Anymore?

I was just reading this mornings tech news when I came across a story by Phone Arena who ran some benchmark testing on the iPad Air 2, Surface Pro 3 and the Nexus 9 which are all the flagship tablets for their respective OS platforms. Long story short, the iPad Air 2 kept up with Surface Pro 3 but beat the Nexus 9 in every category listed below. These stories have become pretty scarce than what they once were. We were just reminiscing about the Pocket PC and the “converged” device evolution and back then, lag was incredible. Operating systems and ROMs would bog down a device and bring it to it’s knees. These days that is not the case. There is still a hardware war of sorts still being fought but mainly that is on screen quality and camera. The Surface Pro may have some additional bragging rights because of a true USB port. So other than picture comparisons does anyone still care about benchmarks? Perhaps a standard test on user interface would be better. The speed in which to access relevant and important information and the ease of accessing it. That would be heavily opinionated. I still with some sort of home screen widget would make it’s way to Apple products. The large screens with all those widgets does not make it look to appealing. Android has this but it has always seemed to be a mess. Of course you can tweak Android how ever you like. The Surface tablet with Windows 8 and live tiles took things in a completely different direction and some form of modified version of this for Apple would really be the ticket. Even the ability to resize icons might make all the real estate more interesting.

So how many of you actually care about benchmarks or make your purchasing decision off of them?



Source: Phone Arena & BGR