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Amaze GPS 5.0 For WM Released (For a Fee)

image A year ago we discussed AmazeGPS, a free turn by turn GPS app for WM. I used to like it too even though the turn by turn was not spoken, it was still pretty good. Well, Amaze has released version 5.0:

We are pleased to announce that version 5.0 is now available also for Windows Mobile phones.
Version 5.0 has a new overall improved user interface and a brand new look and feel.
The new version supports great new features including speed camera alerts, with an option to report mobile and fixed cameras, a new option to search for any location/destination by entering its coordinates and a new user-friendly shortcut menu.
Existing users of versions 4.5 will receive an upgrade notification message on their next start of amAze and will be able to follow an easy upgrading process directly from their mobile handset.

Upgrades always sound great, but on this one a lot of the features are now paid ($2.83/month or $33.99 per year). You can see the paid/basic feature list here but the free version is essentially a nice app for local search and map views but if you want turn-by-turn voice navigation or even driving direction you need the paid version. The paid version is pretty full featured though, including speed and right light camera alerts, and weather for example. If you want to give it a go, direct your browser (not IE – Opera works) to  I’ve only played around with the basic version so far and quite frankly it’s not replacing Bing or GMaps for me, but I don’t drive – i just use it to get around the city, but if you need turn by turn at a pretty heap price you may want to take a peak.