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FootPrints is Here!

Wait, you don’t know what FootPrints is? Well it’s software that was originally on the HTC Cruise that lets you create a diary of places and events. So on one screen you can have a  photo, the location (even GPS tagged), voice notes, the time/date, written notes and a phone number so you can create a diary of events. So if you go on a trip or if you just want to remember a restaurant location this is a pretty slick piece of software. It links with GoogleMaps as well as TomTom, CoPilot, PaPaGo and NaviTel but you do not need any of those GPS applications to use it (I just use GMaps myself).

The install is easy, just head over here to XDA and download the version you want (if you just want GMaps to work with it then any of them are fine and doesn’t change how it works- a standalone version that’s not bundled is coming out soon as well though).  If you want Google Maps to work with it then you need to install FootPrints first and then GMaps (I uninstalled Google Maps then installed FootPrints and put Google Maps back on – if you don’t do this the GMaps icon will not appear). This will install into Programs – MultiMedia and should work for all Touch pro variants and presumably the Diamond as well. GoogleMaps is the pushpin icon.

And once you get it up and running you’ll see why this is such a nice piece of software (a TF3D tab is in the works as well by the way:)) But none of this would be possible without KDKobes terrific work and devotion to this project which I know has been very extensive. This was written for a QVGA device and had to be reworked for the Touch Pro. And of course, I know Herg has and continues to play a huge role in this project as well as a related project which I’ll get into shortly. So please, stand up and give these guys a round of applause – they did this for you so a little hand clapping is the least you can do for them:)