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AmazonMP3 Extracted

Michael Myers has been a busy man. He extracted the AmazonMP3 application from the HD2 as well. It allows you to browse and purchase music from Amazon directly onto your phone. You can see what happens in VGA- it works except the start screen is a little ugly:) There are problems flicking to the next page though so you can only use the first screen of each page. But, as you can see (top left image), in WVGA you can get to the ‘next items’ link at the bottom. If you click a song it opens WMP and plays a clip (about 15 seconds) so you can hear it before you buy it. I haven’t tried to buy anything yet. pretty nice stuff though.

MichaelMyers- not bad for a days work!:)

amazonmp3wvga amazonmp32 amazon playing amazongmp33 AmazonMp3