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Reminder: HTC Tilt 2 $100.00 Smartphone Trade In Ends Soon

If you are looking for a good deal on a new phone, you might want to check out the AT&T Tilt 2 that we reviewed here: AT&T Tilt 2 Review. This is an awesome device that you can now get a trade in fro your old device on! That’s right, HTC will give you $100.00 for your old Smartphone when you purchase a new AT&T Tilt 2 by January 31st, 2010. If you need any questions answered about the Tilt 2, be sure to head on over to the Mobility Digest Forums  where we have a lot of great information being posted daily!


All of the details on the HTC Tilt 2 Trade in can be found after the break or just head over to their website by CLICKING HERE

How do I trade-in my used smartphone and get my $100?*

1. Buy and activate a HTC TILT2 smartphone with AT&T – either online or at any retail location.
Click here for more information on business or personal plans.

2. When you’re ready to trade-in your eligible smartphone, go online to
and use the promo code UPTOTILT2 for access.

3. Fill in the required info about your eligible smartphone and print out a free return shipping label.

a. Program start date begins November 18, 2009. Purchase a new HTC TILT2 and trade-in your qualifying smartphone by
January 31, 2010. Package and send in all of the below items postmarked by February 28, 2010.

1. To qualify for the promotion you must trade-in a working smartphone made by BlackBerry®, an Apple® iPhone,
a Palm device by Palm, a Nokia smartphone or any device running on the Windows Mobile® or AndroidTM operating system.

Click here to see if your phone qualifies.
2. A copy of the UPC code from the box of your new HTC TILT2 smartphone.
3. A copy of the invoice/receipt from the purchase of your new HTC TILT2 smartphone.

Hint: Ask your retail rep to make copies of the box UPC Code and your receipt before you leave the store!

4. Once the eligible used smartphone is received at the Trade-In Center we will mail you a check for $100*.

Note: Please pack up your old smartphone carefully. When we receive it, it must be in the same condition that you specified on the website or you will not get the $100* trade-in credit. Please read the trade-in terms and conditions carefully. We will not return non-qualifying smartphones

>>Have questions? email us.