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Amazon’s Silk Browser Ported To The Thunderbolt

Amazon was touting their Silk Browser as one of the exclusive features of the Kindle Fire. If you’re unfamiliar, it uses Amazon’s cloud to do some of the heavy lifting and compress files and reduce load times on your device (yeah like SkyFire). While there’s questions over whether that in fact is really resulting in any significant actual decrease in time  you can now start to judge for yourself even if you don’t have a Fire. It’s been ported to work on the Thunderbolt, but from the forums it seems like it’s pretty ROM specific at this time because of dependencies.  It’s noted that the post could use some graphics tweaking a Silk as intended for a 7” tablet but this looks like the start of ports to other devices as well.

Of course, this begs the question of how much Amazon cares about this. They could have locked it down to make device ID calls to bar porting this and it doesn’t seem like they took that seemingly obvious step. The answer may be simple though. They may not want to openly deploy Silk yet so that Fire can have an exclusive selling point, but if people use it Amazon is getting all of that user information and you need to remember that Amazon is in the business of knowing as much about you as Google is. Google will use it to sell ads. Amazon will use that info to sell you products but either case, the goal is user data so it may not entirely offend that that it’s unlocked so quickly.

In any event, you can get the download and details here at RootzWiki

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