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Dell Streak updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo!)

CaptureYES! I have been out of town working this week and when I got back to the hotel I fired up my Dell Streak (without SIM card) and immediately as always checked to see if the Froyo Android 2.2 update has finally landed, and YES! It’s finally here! It’s 3:00am and I can barely see straight and have to get up in a few hours to go to work, so I am only going to be posting a photo gallery of the install. After downloading the update, the install took about 7 minutes. It was very easy and Android walks you right through it. If you are wondering what it looks like, you can check out my article I wrote up a few days ago which has a video by Engadget who got their hands on it first. (CLICK HERE) I will be posting a Mobility Digest review of the hardware as well as Froyo tomorrow so stay tuned for that! But for now, enjoy the photo gallery of the Froyo update on the Dell Streak. And for those of you wondering (David) I have shelved my iPhone 4 temporarily while I put the Dell Streak to the test with Android 2.2 goodness installed!