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Bing Updates iPhone App But Forgets Content on iPad

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Thought I would voice a little frustration with Bing this morning and their lack of attention to us iPad and iPhone owners. I wouldn’t complain if the app always sucked but in fact, it’s one of my favorite apps. At least it was until they started neglecting content. It has a really nice look about it and honestly, I really like the graphics. Every morning I like to get up and see what the picture of the day is and then read bout it what it is and some information about it. I think the scrolling bar at the bottom is perfect. So after I look at the general news, and I really like the Bing search returns better than google btw, I go to trending. Bing has been disappointing over this Father’s Day weekend with very little new content and mostly just moving the stories around randomly. Check it out:

As you can see it has been a pretty laid back weekend at Bing for iPad owners. But at least now it looks like their de-design for iPhone has been fixed after their recent updates left the app severely neutered. All of the links for images, videos, maps, local, etc were removed. To check out what it looked like before, click here:
So it is back to looking like it should.

Now as long as Bing can come back Monday after what is undoubtedly the weekend off I can get back to my regular content viewing.